sábado, 7 de enero de 2012

This Year! 2012: The big one!

So the New year has been and gone. Its time to start afresh for another year! And let me tell you, I am looking forward to 2012! The main reasons being that I have set my self some challenges - Some birding goals to keep me motivated throughout twenty twelve.

Goals for 2012
1. To reach 300 plus birds on my WP/W/ L list.
2. To ( drastically ) improve my field craft and identification skills.
3. To see at least 3 endemics anywhere in the Western Palearctic - Or world.
4. To get out and about in the field at least once a week or two.
5. To keep this blog regularly updated!

Now bearing in mind this year will be set to be a big year for my Tennis as well. So it might well not happen that I can always follow through with every single of these 5 goals at certain times - Due to Training/Tournaments and what ever the year brings. Never the less I will try my utter best to achieve them!

So to all you of you who read or follow this blog, best of luck in 2012! And happy birding!

4 comentarios:

  1. Keep looking up while playing tennis. You never know what might be heading over!

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