domingo, 22 de agosto de 2010

Chasing raritys

Ok yets be honest here, I suck at keeping birding lists. I dont think I have ever managed to keep a yearlist going the whole year yet! and to be honest I do not really get out enough to end on a very good number when new year rolls in. But who said birding is all about the lists? I still get enough pleasure out of watching the Blue tits and the House sparrows going about there daily routines in my parents little garden in Dorset...

Pfft Yeah right! dont get me wrong! I love watching the humble little Robin pottering around the garden but nothing and I mean NOTHING beats the thrill of chasing a rarity or ticking off that one bogey bird that has eluded you for yonks! That is the reason I have to stay away from too much twitching... It would not take me long to be fully blown addicted, out of pocket and zigzagging the whole length of the British Isles (or Spain) in pursuit of the latest Mega.

In my opinion all of us "birders" have an inner twitcher and there is nothing wrong with embracing the concept. In fact If I had the time and money I would be out that door right now ticking like a goodin. Embarrassingly I will also admit I have only ever been on one major twitch - the Collared flycatcher at Portland! and only because it was local. Nothing stops me if the bird is close by I should add!

So there you go - Birder or Twitcher its up to you! they are both great hobbys and I strongly recommend ( if you are a non birder reading this blog ) to at least try one of them in your life!

sábado, 21 de agosto de 2010

A fresh start

Hola and Welcome to my new blog! focused mainly around birding and photography. I have decided to start again as my old blog "Tennisbirder" was beginning to get a bit stale and I just couldnt keep up with the amount of writing I had to do - so posts will be much shorter now. Although that does not stop them from being interesting! As I plan to hopefully add more photos and information but in bite size chunks.

So I hope you enjoy the blog and dont hesitate to comment if you want to - it would be most appreciated! and dont worry I will be adding more gadgets and info soon!